Honda Key Fobs

Did you lose your car key and need to get going again?  You might think about going to the dealership. Or you could call a locksmith that will come to you and is available 24/7.  Turn Key Locksmith can help you with lockout and key fob replacement services.

Be sure to ask us about creating a spare key fob for you while we are there. We stock a large inventory of key fobs and can take care of your car key programming needs in one visit.

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Why Honda Uses Key Fobs

For many years Honda vehicles were at the top of the list for stolen for auto theft. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau in 2016, the 1997 Accord and 1998 Civic were the two most stolen vehicles in the country.  The 2016 Honda Civic isn’t even in the top 25 most stolen vehicles.

This is because Honda has taken measures to reduce the rate of stolen vehicles. The new security embedded in the Honda key fobs have drastically changed how difficult it is to steal a Honda. Like most manufacturers, newer Honda cars come equipped with more security features including the key fob. Each key fob has a unique serial number that will unlock and start the car.

In the past you were able to go to your local hardware store and have a car key made cheap and fast. However, these were not the most secure keys. There have been instances where car keys from different Accord models were able to start another with either key.

Your Honda car key fob not only turns on your car but it also unlocks your doors, allows you to use remote start, enables push button start, and gives you control over your trunk/tailgate.

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