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Replacing lost keys to a 2014 Peterbilt 386 semi

Lost key due to employee theft on a 2014 Peterbilt semi used to hauling farm animals. Date taken September  30th 2014

Hired to make a key to a 2014 Peterbilt 386 that an employee abandoned in west Phoenix. Not a surprise in an area where there is a lot of cheap motels with high rates of drugs and prostitution. The nearest Peterbilt dealer told the owner the semi would have to be towed in and the locks would have to all be replaced. The cost to replace the locks is considerably more that the cost to remake a key to one of these big rigs. Sometimes it’s a little less dramatic where the keys get locked inside, but not to worry, there are several methods of bypassing he security to most semis.  If you find yourself unfortunate enough to lose your keys we can remake them at your location or provide you with a duplicated in a lock out situation. Call us at Turn Key Locksmith (602) 250-6333

How A Mobile Phoenix Locksmith Can Get You Back In Your Car

Very few people if any enjoy the prospect of getting locked out of their vehicle and needing to call a Phoenix locksmith. Nonetheless, it does happen more frequently than most people would believe. You are in a hurry and you have a lot of things on your mind when you bolt out of your car suddenly leaving your keys in the ignition as the door locks behind you and you are locked out. It is a scenario nobody enjoys and it is shocking when it actually does happen. However, there is help for those in this situation and it is known as a mobile Phoenix locksmith. A mobile locksmith can save the day when time is of the essence and your keys are locked inside your car.

Turn Key Locksmith is the mobile Phoenix locksmith to call when you are locked out or you car or even your home or business. We can get you in fast and safe.

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